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At WPPA, we strive to work together to better the photography industry as a team. Being a part of WPPA is a great opprotunity to build not only your professional network but your social network as well. Our Facebook Page is a great resource to utilize for questions, ideas, equipment selling and much more!

We have had the great honor of hosting top educatiors in the profession. We strive to provide education opportunities from the best of the best, right here in our own backyard.

Print Competition
Becoming a member of WPPA provides you with the opportunity to participate in our annual print competition. Competition is one of the best ways to learn and better your own photography.

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A message from the President


Hello Everyone!

It’s 2018 and things are really picking
up! I recently returned from a very chilly
Nashville where I attended Imaging USA
with 10,000 of my closest photography
friends—many of whom were from right here in
Wyoming. I went a day early to attend the Affiliate Leaders
Training meeting with one other member of the board of directors
where we learned lots of great tips from other affiliate leaders
around the country. And more than that, we learned that WPPA is
going to be in a great place, soon, affiliate-wise. We have a
strong board with great strategic objectives and prioritized goals
and will keep us healthy and focused on our mission of providing
professional development for serious photographers. We had the
opportunity to speak with David Trust, the CEO of PPA, and he
gave us a great deal of information to know—WPPA is going to do
great things in the world of affiliates.
Several of our WPPA members received degrees or were up
for great awards in Nashville as well—Chris Pyle became our only
Master Artist Degree Holder. Melissa Thompson, Gail Carver (A
past WPPA Member ), Russel Jensen, and Erica Harvey (our
newest member) was up for a GIA! Loved being there to see
these important memorable times happen for you.
Congratulations to all!
We’ve got some great events on the horizon—we’ll be
getting things kicked off with a Print Competition class before
convention. This class will be held at my studio on March 7th if
you are thinking about entering Print competition for the first
time, this class will a 6.5 hour class and, bonus, will be a
Continued Education Course, which will get you a merit if you are
looking to get a degree thru PPA, Also, it will grant you point’s
towards your Fellowship or Service Degree for WPPA. I’ll be
handing a few of those out this year and I’m very excited about

Our Annual Convention an Print Competition will be held
March 17th thru 20th. We are also planning a Summer Shoot Out
………… These are just a few of things we have cooked up for
2018—we are working on many more classes to fill out the
calendar. Keep checking your WPPA emails and the WPPA
Facebook group or website to see what’s coming next.
I’m excited and honored to be leading WPPA into 2018 along with
the help of our talented and dedicated board of directors. These
folks put in countless hours to bring valuable programs and
benefits to our members and you have no idea how much I
appreciate their hard work. Our Board is also working tirelessly to
help improve your member experience and to bring value to your
membership in WPPA. And we need more folks to help fill out our
board—this is where the we need your help! If you are like me
and love WPPA, now is the time to show it! Email me or pop onto
our Facebook group and let me know where you’d like to serve—
we need you! WPPA is what you make it—it’s not the board’s
WPPA. We are all WPPA.
So mark your calendars for upcoming events, sign up as a
volunteer and then invite a friend to an WPPA event. Remember—
WPPA is Serious. Fun!
Kimberly Pezeshki

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