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Members of WPPA are committed to improving both our skills and those of our fellow photographers. Through local education opportunities taught by industry leaders, an annual print competition, and extensive member networking, we work to elevate the photography industry as a whole. 

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A Note from the President


All generations go through hardships, pain and celebration. It is written in all the history books to see. Right now, we are making history not only in our current political affairs but in our chosen careers. How will you choose to adapt to the inevitable changes in life? It is how we adapt that will be remembered. This past year WPPA adapted and held its first ever virtual convention. Our first ever ZOOM class and first ever online print competition. Yes, we had a few hiccups as all do with technology, but we pushed through together. I can proudly say not only did we as an organization survive but persevered. We learned that even though we prefer to see our members in person, like we did during the 2021 Shoot Out in Rock Springs, but we also learned that we can still enjoy that same support and friendship even if we must meet in office chairs hundreds of miles apart. Change is good. I firmly believe this past year, though hard, was a blessing for our organization. We have learned many new ways to improve our member engage and experience and we hope to continue these new skills as we push into the second half of 2021. As your current WPPA president my challenge to you is to not fear change, but instead embrace the opportunity to adapt. For growth does not come with stagnation. So, what does this all mean? It means be scared and do it anyways. These past two years have shown us all the future is uncertain. So why wait to live your dreams.


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